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Maine State Credit Union to Help Youth with Financial Literacy with New Savings Product

In response to the growing trend of teaching financial literacy to youth, Maine State Credit Union is excited to announce the launch of its innovative new product, Marty the Mountain. This product is designed to help kids learn how to save and manage money. It is designed to create a foundation for future financial savings success.

“Marty the Mountain was the brainchild of one of our member services representatives in Waterville, Randi Gurski,” said Stephen Wallace, President, and CEO of Maine State Credit Union.  “Randi noticed that she did not see a lot of kids coming into the branch to make a deposit, nor did she see a lot of youth accounts being open.  She spoke with several of our leaders and got the green light to build one.”

Key Features of Marty the Mountain: - Provides financial service representatives and tellers the opportunity to engage kids in financial literacy. - Makes learning about money management simple and fun for kids.  As we know, most kids these days are more digitally savvy, but at the end of the day, money management and sound financial practices come down to learning to set goals and saving for what you want.

Marty is a fictional character who teaches children about setting financial goals, earning money, and the importance of saving. Each account comes with a workbook that contains helpful tips, charts, and fun activities. Children will receive a prize for every five deposits they make, as well as a sticker each time they come in and deposit to their account.

“This account is basic, but fun,” said Randi Gurski, Financial Services Representative in Waterville and product creator. "The aim was to create a product that teaches kids the importance of saving. The development of this product was a collaborative effort. I learned a lot, and if I had not taken the risk, I never would have understood how complex and how many steps it takes to build something like this.”

The launch of the Marty the Mountain product coincides with youth week at Maine State Credit Union, which happens during April vacation from April 16-19.  During this time or anytime,families can visit any Maine State Credit Union branch and learn more about Marty the Mountain and other products and services and open an account.  To learn more about Youth Week and the Marty the Mountain product, visit

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