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Maine State Credit Union Sends Mainers to College

Augusta, ME – March 30, 2022: The Board of Directors at Maine State Credit Union recently voted to donate $100,000 to the Normand R. Dubreuil scholarship fund at the Maine Community College System and Maine Maritime Academy. Since its inception, Maine State Credit Union has funded the endowment with over $230,000 and helped more than 135 Mainers work towards their associate and bachelor's degrees.

"Normand would be excited to know that Maine State Credit Union has helped so many Mainers have the opportunity to go to college," said Tucker Cole, CEO and President of Maine State Credit Union. "He was always one to give back to the community and others; what a great way to honor him."

Maine State Credit Union created the Normand R. Dubreuil Scholarship Fund in 2020 at the Maine Community College System and Maine Maritime Academy. Its purpose is to provide Mainers with the ability to afford to pursue higher education. The schools award scholarships to Maine residents each year. Recipients of the scholarships are studying a variety of majors such as criminal justice, nursing, plumbing and heating, automotive technology, engineering, and more.

Normand R. Dubreuil was President and CEO of Maine State Credit Union for over 30 years. He built a learning organization during his tenure and gave his employees access to internal training and external learning opportunities through a tuition assistance program. Today, many people in leadership roles started at Maine State Credit Union right out of high school and were able to attend college and graduate school through the organization's generosity.

Normand Dubreuil's belief in the power of education was one legacy that the Board of Directors wanted to share with the people of Maine through the Normand R. Dubreuil Scholarship Fund.

"Maine State Credit Union has a reputation of helping Mainers," said George Lapointe, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Maine State CU." Normand was always helping people; the board wanted to honor Norm and stay true to the credit union mission; this scholarship endowment fund checked all the boxes."

Dubreuil's legacy continues to thrive internally as the Maine State Credit Union culture evolves and grows as a learning organization. In 2021, employees received over 2,000 hours of internal training.

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