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Maine State Credit Union (MSCU) Recognizes Employees for Exemplary Behavior and Performance

November 22, AUGUSTA, ME - Maine State Credit Union Employees were recognized on Wednesday, November 19th for their dedication and contributions to the company, their peers, and its members. Nominees were selected by the staff and award winners were chosen by their peers on who fit the description of the award best.

“We put a lot of time and effort into employee satisfaction here at Maine State Credit Union. It’s about making your employees feel respected and valued. Our culture here goes much deeper than giving simple gifts or recognition. We know our employees keep the credit union the best it can be, so we try to find every way we can to show appreciation for all their hard work.” – CEO Tucker Cole

2021 Awards winners are as follows.

Award winners from left to right, Hunter Ogden, Jordan Roy, Claribel Henry, Lavetta Denson, Amanda Crommett, and LoriAnn Canavin. (Dan Emery not pictured here)

Lavetta Denson, Leading Forward Award. This person is a leader who builds connections through mutual respect, meaningful communication and developing relationships of trust. An MSCU employee said “Throughout these turbulent times Lavetta’s calming influence and steady leadership, have been instrumental in the main offices success, in addition her leadership with constituents and our steering committee have been an essential part of our cultural growth”

Jordan Roy, Commitment to Culture Award. This person represents Maine State Credit Union and its purpose with their exemplary commitment. This is what staff members had to say about Jordan. “It is clear that Jordan has a deep commitment to our culture she sees the best in people inspires others to be the best they can be, recognizes the opportunity she has to continually grow not only for herself but for the betterment of the people around her”

Hunter Ogden, Growing for Tomorrow Award. This person shows remarkable initiative towards improving Maine State Credit Union both internally and externally. COO Adam Kavanagh said “Hunter is always excited to work on new projects that improve and elevate the efficiency of the credit union, he always has a positive attitude and is willing to help others”

Claribel Henry, Dedication to Member Service Award. This person provides extraordinary service consistently and unconditionally to our Membership, while demonstrating impeccable integrity. MSCU employees said “Claribel is the most genuine person I have ever met; her kindness knows no limits. She provides amazing service to all our members and her ability to lift other’s spirits is commendable”

LoriAnn Canavin Dedication to Team Member Service Award. This person displays exceptional service and support to their colleagues and the Credit Union through reliability, diligence, and positive interactions. MSCU staff member said “Before LoriAnn began her new position as Training Specialist she spent hours developing a new digital reference and training binder for the credit unions customer facing staff. This tool proved to be immensely helpful with reference tools and thorough information that is easily searchable”

Dan Emery, Social Responsibility Award. This person supports social responsibility by helping others come together in support of one another and our community. COO Adam Kavanagh said “Dan has been an active part of the community for a long time, is a member of the Rotary Club of Augusta and recently worked with them to help us donate our computers to individuals in assisted living communities, so they could more easily communicate with their loved ones throughout the pandemic”

Amanda Crommett Presidents Award. This person is a leader who demonstrates and innovates to help improve the culture, success, and employee well-being for all who work at Maine State Credit Union. Tucker Cole, CEO, said, “3-years ago, Amanda accepted a role as service development and training coordinator, and plays a pivotal role on our steering committee, she has been with the credit union for 15-years and has grown into an extraordinary leader dedicated to serving all of our staff”

Maine State Credit union wants to congratulate this year’s award winners for making an amazing and long-lasting impact on the organization.


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