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Employees Recognized for Outstanding Service

Maine State Credit Union Employees Recognized Peers for Outstanding Service

Augusta, Maine, October 5, 2016 –Maine State Credit Union recognized several employees for outstanding service and committed to members at their annual employee appreciation banquet. Each award winner was nominated by his/her, fellow employees.

“I am excited to recognize each of these outstanding individuals,” said Tucker Cole, president and chief executive officer of Maine State Credit Union. “While all of our employees provide excellent service to our members and co-workers. This year’s winners have set the bar higher for all of us, which in return makes Maine State Credit Union such a wonderful place to work.”

President’s Award – Jason Petrie. Jason is this year’s winner of the President’s Award. He illuminates the four pillar of the Maine State Credit Union company charter. He is a thoughtful person who is always willing to help his fellow employees as well as our members. Jason is a leader in the organization and sets the bar high for all to follow. He has a natural enthusiasm for the work he does and he uses this to help energize the people around him. Jason is a teller II at our Capitol Street branch.

Performance Award – Hollee Rossignol. Hollee is this year’s winner of the Performance Award. She is being recognized for her continued committed to continuous learning, professionalism and always willing to help her fellow employees, and providing a high level of service to our members. Hollee is the assistant branch manager and senior loan officer at our Waterville branch.

Character Award – Adam Kavanagh. Adam is this year’s winner of the Character Award. He is a team leader who encourages others to find solutions and challenge the status quo. He is always respectful, thoughtful and patient. Adam is our Risk Manager.

Connections Award – Brie Mellor. Brie is this year’s winner of the Connection Award. She has a contagious energy that inspires others to achieve greatness. Brie is the chairperson of our annual Heart and Humor Harvest Event that takes place each fall. Through her leadership and passion, this event has raised over $50,000 for ending hunger in Kennebec and Somerset Counties. Brie is a consumer loan officer.

Leadership Award – Shane Abbott. Shane is this year’s winner of the Leadership Award. Shane is a natural leader who empowers his team and encourages them to come up with new ideas and solutions that will ultimately improve the member experience. He always challenges his team to provide ideas that help to make Maine State Credit Union a great place for members and employees alike. Shane is the teller supervisor at our Capitol Street branch.

About Maine State Credit Union

Founded in 1935, Maine State Credit Union is the largest credit union in the state of Maine with an asset size of $365 million. It has been named one of Best Places to Work in Maine for the past four out of five years. Located in Augusta, Maine, its membership is open to residents of Kennebec and Somerset counties as well as individuals who work and worship here. Maine State Credit Union is also the credit union for Maine State Employees. Maine State Credit Union has two branches in Augusta and one in Waterville. Learn more at Federally insured by NCUA.

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