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Debit Card Update

Debit Card Breach Update

Thank you so much for being patient over the last couple of days as we work with our debit card issuer fraud and security teams to end this.

Please note: Your personal information and account data were not compromised as a result of this breach.

Here is what happened:

  • A fraudster figured out an algorithm attached to a series of numbers associated with debit cards. This series happened to be the same sequence of numbers attached to our debit cards. This included the debit card number as well as the anniversary date of the card. When put together, they were able to use the card. They never had access to account numbers, member names, or the Maine State Credit Union Database of Member Information.
  • Once fraudsters used the card, it triggered a series of Fraud Alerts to our cards, which were received by Maine State CU, our issuer, and you, the member. It is important to note, not all cards were impacted, and some members never received an alert, nor were their cards compromised.
  • Once the fraudsters triggered the fraud alert, many of the transactions were rejected by you immediately; we started our fraud protocol process. This protocol begins a series of actions and changes to algorithms that we have in place and allows us to quickly identify the cause of the breach and work to end it.
  • Our team at Maine State CU has been working diligently with the fraud and security teams at our issuer to end this attack. We will work to resolve this issue and prevent future attacks.


What does this mean to you?

  • Your account and personal information remain safe and secure.
  • Any losses associated with this breach will be refunded, as your Maine State VISA debit card has VISA protection at all times.
  • If your card number was comprised, a new card with all further information will be issued.
  • Please continue to monitor your account activity using online and mobile banking and notify us of any unusual activity.

The privacy and security of your personal information and account data are very important to us. We will continue to work with our vendors to secure your account information and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused many of you.


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