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Skip a Pay

Skip a loan payment this month


Maine State Credit Union's Skip-a-Pay program will help you to manage your cash flow by skipping a loan payment on certain loans.

Eligible Loans:

Skip-a-Pay Fee:  $25

How it works:

  1. Fill out and submit this form.  Someone from our eBranch will reach out to you once it has been received.
  2. Print out this form and bring it to your local branch.
  3. Fill out the form in your mobile banking portal.
  4. Give us a call at 207-623-1851, option 2 and will we help you through the process.

To fill the form out online:

  1. Click on this link
  2. Enter name and email as requested
  3. Hit continue
  4. Check off that you have read and agree with the electronic signature policy
  5. Fill in the information on the form - including your name and loan number that you would like to skip
  6. Electronically sign the form
  7. Click Finish and download or print a copy of the completed form for your file

Skip a Pay Form

Please note: the entire form must be completed prior to being submitted in order for it to be processed in time to skip the intended loan payment.  Loans with payment coming from another financial institution must be submitted at least 3 days prior, in order for the payment to be skipped.

Please call us at 207-623-1851, option 2 with any questions or stop into your local branch.

Certain conditions may apply and are subject to approval.  VISA credit cards, real estate loans, business loans, and any open-ended loans such as signature, share secured, and overdraft lines of credit are not eligible for the skip-a-pay program.  Interest will still accumulate even though your loan payment has been skipped and your loan payment will be extended beyond its original terms.  All loans must be in good standing and current.  Payments may only be skipped every 6 months.  Maine State Credit Union is federally insured by NCUA and is an equal housing lender.