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Mortgage Education Center

Buying a home is a big deal – and a big investment.

Are you ready to stop renting? Does your growing family need more space? Is it time to think about downsizing? No matter what chapter of life you may find yourself in, an informed plan will elevate your confidence as you prepare for a new adventure.

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Additional resources to guide your homeownership journey.

Mortgages Overview

Mortgages are loans that you take out to buy a home, and pay back over many years with interest.

Considering Home Ownership

This module will cover: Pros and cons of home ownership, assessing your personal and financial readiness, and more...

Mortgage Modifications and Avoiding Foreclosure

This module will cover: Terms such as delinquency, grace period, and more...

Mortgage Refinancing

Get a sense of how refinancing your mortgage may help reduce your monthly payments.

Want to learn even more about the home buying process?

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