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Faye Tibbetts

Assistant Branch Manager, Main Office


October's Employee Spotlight is Faye Tibbetts, a Gardiner native who is the Assistant Branch Manager at our Main Office.



Tell us about yourself? 

My parents and I moved from Novato, California to Gardiner, Maine when I was 3 years old. I was raised in the Gardiner area and graduated from Gardiner High School in 2000. I live in Augusta with my husband Derek and our three sons, Max, Owen, and Bennett. Ive always loved the beauty of Maine and enjoy spending time outdoors with my three sons. We often go for walks in the woods, taking in the scenery and wildlife. I love all animals and have four cats, a dog, and a bearded dragon named Sunny Scales. Im currently enrolled at UMA working on my Bachelor of Business Administration, with a concentration on Financial Services. 


What brought you to MSCU? 

Since I was a kid, Ive always had an interest in banking and knew that is what I wanted to do with my life. I began my career at MSCU as a teller at the Main Office, right after I graduated from Gardiner High School. Once I was hired, I knew this would be the best place to learn and grow in the financial world. I like the friendly work environment with a professional approach; it really appealed to me. 20 years later, I can say with confidence that Maine State Credit Union has been a great company to build my career on. I wouldnt want to be anywhere else. 


Tell us about your Maine State Credit Union career path? 

After starting as a teller at the Main Office, I moved to the Loan Servicing Department and eventually became a Loan Officer. An opportunity arose for an Assistant Branch Manager at our Eastside Branch, so I moved into that role in 2007. I returned to the Main Office in 2018 as a Senior Financial Services Representative to learn more about mortgages. Soon after, I became the Teller Supervisor and a year later promoted to Main Office Assistant Branch Manager. Ive been fortunate enough to learn many different aspects of the credit unionMSCU continues to encourage my professional growth. 


What do you enjoy about working at Maine State Credit Union? 

I really enjoy developing people and helping them find their full potential. My time as Teller Supervisor and Assistant Branch Manager have been great leadership opportunities for me; enriching my mentoring skills. Im also fortunate to have great leaders here as role models. Their continuing encouragement to take risks and grow as a leader is so vital for my confidence. I aim to be that kind of role model for others. Its very rewarding to see so many people grow in their careers. 


What impresses you about our members?  

Their loyalty to MSCU. Many of our older members have been with us for decades, confident we take their best interests to heart. This is true of our younger members as well. Many have had accounts since they were kids, and have grown up knowing who we are and what we stand for. For many members, we are their first and only financial institution. That says a great deal about how strong our relationships are with them. 


What is something people might not know about you? 

I love horror movies! The Exorcist is one of my favorites, as is Halloween and Poltergeist. All the classic horror films! I also love animated movies and enjoy watching Pixar and Disney films with my sons. The Lion King and Moana are two of my favorites. 


What is your greatest fear? 

Spiders. I am absolutely terrified of spiders. If I see one, Im turning the other way. The bigger they are, the scarier they are. 


If someone wanted to work here, what would you tell them? 

They are making an excellent choice. We are one of the best places to work in Maine and have been for years. If youre looking for a supportive and encouraging environment where you can grow and have fun, this is the place to be.